Whois tools

You can check instantly who owns a domain and how to contact them with our Whois tool below!

You need only enter a domain name and the search will display the Whois record for that domain. Whois records are stored in a Whois database kept by a domain registrar (ICANN accredited registrars for global top-level domains such as .com, .net, or national registries for country code top-level domains such as .es, .ca, .de.)

Typically, Whois tools retrieve Whois records containing the following:

Please note that some registries do not have a Whois server, therefore the above domain information will be incomplete or unavailable. That is why Whois tools sometimes also show missing data.

Among our other tools and services, we also offer Whois lookups in bulk as well. You can contact us to learn about our massive bulk Whois!

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